Services at Rafiki

Mental Health at Rafiki

We provide a range of therapeutic services including mental health counseling, navigation and referrals, and group therapy, and mental health circles. Rafiki’s mental health services acknowledge the generational traumas that have impacted the bodies, psyches, and mobility of the Black community and center these experiences to provide culturally informed care through interdisciplinary modalities of therapy and counseling. We focus on exposing the community to potential healing and wellness impact of mental health care and therapy, engaging the community through peer outreach, as well as providing access to care and the individual, family, and community levels. Since the clinic has opened, we have supported over 300 families and individuals in mental health groups, therapy, and successful linkage with wellness providers.

For more information about the mental health clinic at Rafiki, reach out to our Mental Health & Wellness Department at

Pop ups at Rafiki

Pop ups are our way of meeting the community right where they are to better address and understand their needs, removing barriers in a people-centered and trauma informed approach to wellness. We emphasize community building and violence prevention, reduction of community stigma towards mental health, as well as linkage & navigation services. At the pop ups, we offer wrap-around services such as grocery boxes, healthy hot lunch, massage and other self-care services, community healing circles, wellness classes, and more are available and free to all. Every pop up is designed to be an experience of Black joy to uplift and engage Black and African American youth, adults, and their families in the community. While most events take place on site at our 601 Cesar Chavez office, we love to pop up around the community centers, schools, and more.

To find out more about our upcoming pop up events, or how we can connect, reach out to our Pop Up Event Coordinator, Destiny at

Wellness at Rafiki

Wellness Classes, Events, and Programming

Rafiki offers a number of culturally affirming and wellness – centered programs free to the community. These are designed to assist in stress relief and self-care and include health screenings and wellness navigation support. We offer a range of classes including yoga, movement, meditation, nature hikes, nutrition and cooking workshops, QiGong, African drumming circles, and more.

To learn more about upcoming events and classes, you can contact our Wellness Director, Romisha Dunn at

Complementary Alternative Medicine Clinic (CAM Clinic)

Complementary and Alternative medicines are non-mainstream approaches to health and well being used in unison with or in place of conventional medicine. These are natural and holistic healing methods used for stress, pain, and focus on treating the whole person rather than one organ system. It aims to bring conventional and complementary care together, creating what works best for each person. Rafiki’s CAM clinic offers services in the form of massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. We provide 30 minute sessions weekly for free to the community. Over the 2021-2022 year, Rafiki served over 3,600 clients.

To book an appointment, please call the CAM clinic on Mondays after 11am at 415-615-9945 ext 107.