Programs at Rafiki

Wellness programs at Rafiki are designed to enhance community connection and mental and physical health. Rafiki Coalition offers a series of new youth centered programming focusing on physical, mental, and emotional wellness through activity and performing arts. See our offerings below!

Rafiki Coalition x Street Sounds – Performing Arts for the Soul

We at Rafiki Coalition for Health & Wellness are proud to collaborate with Street Sounds to provide high quality music and arts programs that help develop technical skills and personal growth in people in the local and wider community. Street Sounds believes storytelling can be a dramatic event for performers and participants. It also allows both to explore a variety of creative arts. Our program participants will get to learn and develop skills taught by our highly qualified instructors. Our program offers: music composition, staging and choreography, as well as stage design that ultimately comes together for an original three choral opera performance, produced and casted by our participants.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free after school program
  • Healthy & delicious dinner
  • Community Presentations
  • Music composition
  • Choreography
  • Prop and set design and building

To sign up, please email Christopher Street at and complete the Youth Waiver & Liability Form.

Rafiki Youth Biking Program

This March, we are preparing an adventurous 12-week program that will expose middle to high school aged youth to bike riding, help them explore new areas in their community, and teach them to build and maintain their own bikes. Our mission is to provide green transportation to the community while implementing restorative practices among young people. We are determined to integrate generational collaborations by having different generations spend time together and learn to support each other. We are confident that our restorative life skills circles with youth, mental health practitioners, and other organizations will help them develop emotional intelligence and learn how to restore their emotions and any traumas they may have experienced or caused. Taking place every Saturday 10 AM-12 PM from March 2nd until May 11th, 2024, we are providing fun community rides, building workshops, and healthy meals for a holistic experience.

To register for this program, please email our Program Coordinator Destiny Williams at by February 15th. Limited spots available. Register now.

Rafiki Youth Empowerment Circles

Our Youth Empowerment Circles are tailored for middle and high school students, providing a safe and supportive space for them to embrace their black identity, amplify their voices, excel in their education pursuits, and navigate life’s challenges. This program offers engaging sessions, discussions, mental health support, and opportunities for empowering students, supporting their academic journey, and nurturing their personal growth. Taking place at Rafiki Coalition every Wednesday from 6-8pm, we provide nutritious meals during these sessions, ensuring a holistic experience as we cultivate confident and successful young leaders.

Contact us for enrollment and further details about how you or your teens can participate by emailing Andre Aikins at