Rafiki Coalition works closely with partners and the city to strongly advocate for reducing health disparities in the underserved communities of San Francisco.

Approximately 1/3 of San Francisco’s Blacks live in the Bayview/Hunters Point district. Over half of the land in San Francisco zoned for industrial use is located in the Bayview/Hunters Point area, creating poor air quality and significant environmental health conditions. Residents of San Francisco’s Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood have an average life expectancy that is 14 years shorter than their counterparts on Russian Hill. The Bayview has the highest number of children in San Francisco but the lowest number of pediatricians.

Expecting or Current African American Fatherhood Project

The Expecting or Current African American Fatherhood Project (ECAAFP) is a Pop up style event created to support expecting and or current African American fathers. These events will provide mental, wellness, emotional, and physical health support. Resources for job readiness, legal aid, parenting assistance, financial literacy, and educational needs will also be provided. Workshops, demonstrations, presentations, conversations, healing circle, and community forums will be the different modes of connecting with the community to assist in the uplifting of the African American family. For more information, please reach out to Andre Aikins at aaikins@rafikicoalition.org.

Project Umoja Health Access Point Program

Black and African American individuals face disproportionate rates of HIV while having poorer outcomes at virtually all stages of the HIV Care Continuum. Rafiki, in partnership with San Francisco AIDS Foundation, 3rd St Youth Center & Clinic, Positive Resource Center, and UCSF Alliance Health Project, are developing a one-stop-shop Health Access Point (HAP) to generate innovative, creative, and holistic approaches to addressing the crises of HIV, STD, and HCV infection and related health and social issues within the SF B/AA community. The HAP will bring together experienced partners, community members and consumers, and local resources and providers to enable Rafiki to directly deliver comprehensive HIV, STD, and HCV testing, treatment, support, and navigation services, including PrEP navigation, at our own facilities. These community-focused services will provide a whole person care program that is holistic, accessible, welcoming, sex-positive, and offered through an African American centered wellness approach that fosters self-determination, pride, self-esteem, collaboration, and community involvement in a safe and thriving multi-generational community gathering space. Stay tuned to our calendar or newsletter for upcoming events.

Umoja Health

Umoja Health is actively supporting community-based vaccination, testing, and information platforms in Alameda, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties. In partnership with Umoja Health and other partners across San Francisco, we have been providing communities with holistic care in healthy and nutritious meals, fresh produce, Covid-19 supplies, and free health screenings for cardiovascular risk, diabetes, and colon cancer.